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Job Board FAQs

Learn more about BMAA, membership and using our job board

Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA)’s goals are to empower, elevate and educate Black Marketers. With over 3000 marketers within our network and growing, we’re happy to partner with organizations committed to providing opportunities, resources and more for equitable experiences for Black Marketers. 

1. What is BMAA?

Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA) is a digitally-based, professional organization developed to connect Black marketing professionals with one another and opportunities to grow in their careers.

We have a centralized membership, which means we don’t have chapters or separated based on geographic location.

For more information about the organization, click here.

2. What are the requirements to post on the BMAA Job Board?

BMAA does not have requirements to post to our job board EXECPT those stated in the Job Board Request Form and payment.

We do HIGHLY SUGGEST that your organization has a commitment to diversity and inclusion and share how DEI is included in a company-wide plan of action (i.e. strategic initiatives), how it’s communicated throughout the company or organization, and plans/tactics currently in execution with the BMAA team.

Note: Equal opportunity employer statements, non-discrimination policies, anti-racist statements, etc. that do not communicate a long-term action plan (i.e, strategic plan) is not a DEI corporate initiative and not a commitment to DEI.

3. How many jobs can be posted on the BMAA job board at one time?

There’s no limit to the number of jobs that you organization can request to b shared on the BMAA job board. If you would like unlimited job posting for one calendar year along with some other perks, view our partner packages and specifically our Gold Annual Partner Package.

4. What areas of marketing do your members work in?

Our members cover all areas of marketing, such as:

  • Analytics

  • Branding

  • Campaign Performance

  • Content Marketing

  • Customer Marketing

  • Demand Generation

  • Digital Marketing

  • E-commerce

  • Graphic Design

  • Marketing Operations

  • Market Research

  • Performance Marketing

  • Product Marketing and Product Management

  • Social Media

5. Where are your members located?

We don’t share exact numbers on how many members are located in each major city with the company in most instances. However, the top 10 cities where our members are located are below:

  1. Atlanta

  2. NYC

  3. DMV (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia Area)

  4. Chicago

  5. Dallas

  6. Los Angeles

  7. Houston

  8. Charlotte

  9. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

  10. San Francisco

6. What are the career levels of your members?

Note: Majority of our members (60%) have at least 4 years experience.

  • Current Undergraduate Student - 4%

  • Current Graduate Student - 3%

  • Early Career (0-3 years full-time marketing experience) - 23%

  • Mid-Career (4-7 years full-time marketing experience) - 23%

  • Experienced (8-10 years full-time marketing experience) - 15%

  • Senior (10+ years full-time marketing experience) - 22%

  • Unknown/Did Not Disclose: 10%

7. What convinces your members that a company is genuinely committed to DE&I?

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion is a key corporate initiative

  • Programs that promote black employees into leadership

  • Official policies that hold the company/organization leadership accountable for diversity recruitment and retention

  • Black Employee Resource Group (ERGs)

  • Work locations in predominantly Black cities

  • A well-enforced 'no retaliation' policy

  • Black representation in all levels of marketing

  • Black representation on their potential direct team

8. What overall company benefits are your members most interested in?

  • Official work-remote policy

  • Minimum 12 weeks paternal leave

  • Adoption and surrogacy assistance

  • Minimum 3 weeks paid time off (PTO)

  • Unlimited paid time off (PTO)

  • 25-50% education assistance

  • Relocation package

  • Loan Repayment assistance

9. How many applicants can we expect to get from the BMAA Job Board?

The number of applications for any role depends on various factors such as the level, industry, location, brand etc. Our team doesn’t have control over the number of candidates that apply BUT we will make sure that our members and audiences are well aware of roles that are shared. Your organization will get diverse talent viewership and we will share your role(s) through various channels of promotion.

10. How do candidates search for job advertisements within the job board?

Candidates and job seekers will be able to review active job advertisements by visiting our job board at

11. What are other ways we can share roles with the BMAA community?

You can share roles with BMAA members in our public BMAA LinkedIn Group for no charge.

12. Is there a BMAA Resume Book that organizations can purchase access to for recruiting efforts?

At this time, BMAA does not have a BMAA resume book BUT it will launch in Q2 2022. In the meantime, many of our members are in our public BMAA LinkedIn Group. Also, if you’re looking for freelance talent, you can request access to our freelance directory. If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency, we have a shortlist of Black Owned Marketing Agencies to reference.

13. How many people view the BMAA job board? 

In 2021, we had over 14,000 total visitors in total to our job board

14. How many followers do you all have on social media?

Our social media followers are public but has of May 5, 2023, we have the following:

    1. LinkedIn Page: 10,070 Followers
    2. LinkedIn Group: 2,780 Members
    3. Instagram: 1,920 Followers
    4. Facebook: 500 Followers
    5. Twitter: 590 Followers
    6. YouTube: 20 Subscribers
    7. TOTAL: 15,880 Followers

15. How many people does BMAA reach?

In 2021, through BMAA channels only (not including third party marketing and PR) we reached over 20,000 people

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