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Shades of Marketing (SOM) FAQs

Learn more about our Shades of Marketing events as an attendee or sponsor

The Shades of Marketing Tour is a unique networking and learning opportunity for Black marketers to hear from Black marketing leaders over Brunch while learning more about BMAA. We strategically pick different locations in the country and have the event on Saturday so we can connect Black marketers with one another for job opportunities, business opportunities, fellowship and more!

1. What is the Shades of Marketing (SOM) Tour?

The Shades of Marketing Tour is BMAA’s unique approach to networking and learning about marketing trends, techniques and other important updates for Black marketers and by Black marketers. SOM currently occurs a few hours on Saturday during brunch hours and it’s all about Black marketers growing professionally in marketing and personally in a safe space. Learn more about the Shades of Marketing (SOM) Tour via our blog post.

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2. Why should Black marketers attend the Shades of Marketing (SOM)?

Black marketers should attend SOM because it’s an opportunity to see and hear from multiple levels of Black marketing professionals speak on different topics. You will get to network, meet some of BMAA’s partners and after all the work is done, enjoy a full brunch with cocktails. It’s an intimate event so the relationships built are more qualitative and worthwhile. Not only should traditional marketers or 9-5 marketers attend, we encourage entrepreneurs to come and learn marketing tips and tricks to help their business AND potentially meet their next client!

3. What happens at the Shades of Marketing?

At the Shades of Marketing Tour, there are Black marketing leaders present that share marketing insights and experiences that help Black marketers become better marketers. Black marketers get amazing information in a casual and authentic setting by other Black marketers. Also, every Shades of Marketing in each city has different speakers, different themes so no matter which Shades of Marketing event you attend you get information on marketing strategies, trends, actionable items and connections. 

4. Can organizations sponsor Shades of Marketing, if so how can they and what are the benefits of sponsoring?

Yes! There are several ways people can sponsor. Entrepreneurs and small businesses have two package options to purchase for the Shades of Marketing Tour and Corporations have several options to participate. If you’d like to sponsor by providing a meeting space instead or learn more, schedule a meeting with the partnerships team here. If you know you want to sponsor right now, simply sign up to sponsor by selecting the sponsorship package on the Shades of Marketing Sponsorship page.

5. Why is there a cost to attend the Shades of Marketing Tour? 

The ticket prices help to offset some costs of Shades of Marketing. The model has been set up so BMAA, sponsors and attendees all contribute to SOM. The costs of Shades of Marketing include but are not limited to the venue, A/V, photography, videography, brunch, marketing and other event fees. Because we are a community, it’s important we all work together to help produce this event. The value is very affordable as a general ticket includes amazing speakers, SOM branded notebook with pen, brunch and mimosas which is comparable to a standard brunch away from Shades of Marketing. VIP tickets also includes a professional headshot which the ticket is a lower price than one session with a professional photographer for headshots so the price for SOM is heavily discounted for our community so Black marketers can attend. Please note there is a strict no refunds policy for the Shades of Marketing Tour that's stated before purchasing any ticket.

6. What’s the attire for Shades of Marketing? 

The best advice we give attendees is to dress as though you will meet your next manager, your next client or next opportunity. You never know who you will see or meet so you want to look a way that’s not only comfortable, puts your best self on display but also is true to you. If you’d like more specifics we can share most women where professional/smart casual, so a nice dress or sweater with pants and men where a casual shirt, with pants and nice shoes. Check out our photos from past SOM events to see what attendees wore to help with some ideas. 

7. How do we pick the cities for SOM?

The cities are picked based on a few factors. One factor includes the demand from engaged BMAA members. If we get a lot of requests for us to visit a city for SOM, we most likely will attend because we know Black marketers are excited and will attend, so if you want us, email us, comment all over our social channels so we can see where to go next! We also work with our sponsors or partners to present in places they have a presence to help them connect with attendees. We have large sponsors with different offices throughout the country so working with them to be involved is an important part of the process. Lastly, we choose cities where we know Black marketers and they are looking to gather and may NOT have a access to a community like BMAA, so we will work to cultivate community for Black marketers.

8. Is Shades of Marketing in person only? 

As of May 2023, we are only offering the in person experience. However, for members and attendees there may be an option to see a replay of the events if requested.

9. How many Black marketers attend Shades of Marketing?

We average about 30-50 attendees in 2022 and 2023. We project to have about 30-50 attendees at our only Shades of Marketing event in Chicago in 2024.

10. Where can I see a preview or a recap of past Shades of Marketing events?

We have shared 60 second recaps of The Shades of Marketing events on our social channels BUT we invite you to check out BMAA's YouTube channel

11. What’s the future vision of Shades of Marketing?

We will have our next Shades of Marketing in 2026! Yes we are taking time to plan out the future of Shades of Marketing. Want to share your thoughts or ideas on the future of Shades of Marketing? Email us at

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