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Member Testimonials

    I joined this organization because I believe seeing Black people in marketing roles and supporting other people in marketing roles is essential to success. Being in this organization, provides the access to connect and visibility to see what is possible while having fun!

    I joined BMAA because I was looking for camaraderie, connectivity, a place to share insights and strategize for the next success. It’s a unique space where you can bring your whole self, professionally and personally.

    I joined BMAA to network, learn, and help others. Seeing so many of my people thrive in the world of marketing, in all their professionalism and expertise, constantly inspires me to keep pushing.

    I joined BMAA to find community, uplift, inspire, and be inspired. Living life constantly being told or feeling like you don’t belong in spaces (especially professionally) is isolating and disheartening, among other things. Empowerment, joy, and liberation are all possible through a community like BMAA – we need and deserve that.

    BMAA is a huge inspiration for me to push for what I need within my career. Through all the challenges I’ve faced, I have faith in knowing that BMAA will help me achieve my career goals. So far, I have built more confidence in myself, since this organization is a huge support system for Black Marketers.

    I wanted to join the Black Marketers Association of America ( BMAA) because it’s a great resource group full of talented people that look like me that are passionate about their craft. I am very excited to learn, contribute, and network with this amazing group of people.

    The reason I decided to join BMAA was to connect with other black professionals in the industry. I often find myself in offices where I am the only black marketer, sometimes the only black team member, and I wanted to be around people that shared similar stories.

    BMAA is a place I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts, listening to others, and learning from people who have traveled similar journeys as my own. I feel comfortable connecting with people and finding understanding with my peers – without fear of being judged or having to “fit in.”

    While I consider myself to be a new member still and am still finding my wings, I truly appreciate the camaraderie that’s growing and am excited to connect further.

    I found out about BMAA and its slack channel through the Blacks in Marketing group on Groupme. It has been such a big help on my digital marketing journey. This is my first time transitioning into a new career field and it’s been a long process.

    I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many different marketers across the U.S. The members in the group get the opportunity to express themselves, and a lot of us in the group have similar stories so it makes a great safe space.

    BMAA has unlimited resources from the job board, a marketing freelance directory, a list of black owned marketing agencies, and so much more. I am super grateful to the BMAA team for all their hard work and dedication to helping us succeed in our careers.

    I joined BMAA because I believed it would be a place where I belonged and it has certainly been. As a marketer I’ve kinda always been the one black guy on all my teams and I wanted to be around other black marketers.

    A place where I can speak without the fear of being socially correct and find understanding among my peers. A place where I could live as me and fit in without the need to dilute ‘Dwayne.’

    I encourage other black marketers to join BMAA as well, it’s our space, our place, to learn, live and elevate each other.

    As a black, corporate marketer of 10 years and now full-time entrepreneur, I understand the struggle of being respected and valued in the marketing industry because many of our co-workers do not look like us. When I left the corporate world I vowed to help other professionals reach their highest potential and BMAA is allowing me to fulfill my assignment by helping to showcase the talent of black marketers and why being black is freaking amazing!