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Tips on How To Start Your Career in Marketing as a Black Marketer

In the past, minorities (Blacks especially) were expected to assimilate into mainstream models and constructs. Our professionalism, work and career potential were not valued to the same degree as our counterparts. Appealing to minorities was not even a concern of marketers in most industries. However, times have changed.


Marketing to African Americans has now become essential for almost every business in the United States to remain relevant. With over 1.2 trillion in spending power, Blacks have become the most vital population when brands look to target audiences.
Knowing how important we are as a people, in regards to keeping the marketing world afloat; getting more Blacks in positions of power is the ultimate goal.


The biggest tip to Black professionals who have decided to pursue a career in marketing is to be confident. In 2022, companies know how much the Black opinion and point of view matters. So should you. Trust yourself. There may or may not be a Black marketer who has done the exact things and reached the peaks that you aspire to. Either way, that doesn’t mean that you can’t. Someone has to be the first to do it, or the first to do it better. Ask yourself “why not me?”, and work until it does become reality. Never marginalize yourself into playing it safe. To be a successful Black marketer, you must take risks. Remember, the hue of your skin has no bearing on whether you are qualified or not. In all that you do in your marketing pursuance, confidence is of the essence.


Using your resources is a key guideline to adhere to for all Blacks in marketing. Look around and assess who is willing to educate you on things to know and connect you with people to be familiar with. Marketing can sometimes be ‘it isn’t what you know, but who you know’ industry, which is why we all lift as we climb. The best way to open new doors and opportunities  for yourself is to network. Your network is your net worth.You never know who may be sitting next to you, or what information they may be able to share. It never hurts to introduce yourself and work the room, you’ll usually end up learning much more than you expected. Enrolling yourself in courses for development is a great way to take initiative in your own future. HubSpot Academy has a plethora of FREE courses available at, which BMAA highly recommends taking advantage of. Direction is always more important than speed. Many of us have found ourselves with our wheels just spinning, going nowhere… but fast. Being strategic, planning and thinking ahead are key when calculating the moves that need to be made to breakthrough in marketing. Adding creativity into your strategy will take you a long way. Being unique is a superpower, it’s refreshing when employers can see you being your authentic self.

            Being a jack of all trades can work, but being a master of some (or one) is typically more effective when you are starting your career in marketing. As you continue to grow as a marketer, it’ll be important to find  a way to stand out in this new marketing space.  For example, if  writing is your thing, set aside some time every day to sit and develop your pen to the best of your ability. If you want to master SEO, try reading as much content as possible from sites like “Moz” and “Backlinko”. If video is what really piques your interest, simply download some stock footage and start editing it.

Setting yourself apart from the typical marketer is what it takes to break into the sphere as a Black marketer. Once you find your niche, master it and teach anyone who looks like you and is willing to learn.

More than ever, now is the time for Black marketers to band together and become the force we were meant to be in the marketing world. We are history, so let’s write it ourselves. Starting a career in marketing can be a very strategic process. If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working towards it. As long as you research the methods that our marketing forefathers used, are creative in your approach, and network every chance you get, a successful career in marketing will be yours.