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BMAA Success Story: Shenika Glover Lands Role at George Mason University

20210130_100159Shenika Glover is a proud member of BMAA. We had the chance to catch-up with Shenika and ask her some questions about how BMAA helped her land her job at George Mason University as Marketing Coordinator at the Schar School of Policy and Government. We congratulate Shenika on her new position and wish her best of luck!

What role/company did you apply for?

The role I applied for was the Marketing Coordinator role at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia.  

How did you hear about the role? Did you apply for this role through the BMAA Job Board?

Honestly, I learned about a similar role at George Mason University through the BMAA Job board.  As I started searching through the George Mason University job board in early December, I found this marketing coordinator role that aligned with my core marketing and communication skills and expertises. Also, I chose George Mason University because it was located in the DMV area. 

What about the company, hiring manager and team convinced you to accept the role?

Various aspects of this role and the team convinced me to accept this role. However, the two main things that convinced me to accept the offer were the team dynamics expressed and shown during the interview process and from my own knowledge of this destined opportunity to work at a high ranking university. Also, the search committee was diverse and had sound perspectives that made my hiring process comfortable, direct, and relatable. 

What are your top 3 favorite benefits the company offers?

As I still explore the many benefits that George Mason University has to offer, I would say my favorite thus far is one the opportunities to explore professional development and specialty courses led by highly-ranked faculty, second my supervisor, colleagues, and I continue to maintain a collaborative environment to reach a common goal, and third is the opportunity to work for a highly-ranked public research university and dynamic department.  

What are your career aspirations? How will this role help you achieve those aspirations? 

At this moment, my current role is giving me the opportunity to sharpen my skills daily through various tasks and specific projects in the areas of writing, marketing, web management, social media, and graphic design. While sharpening my daily skills, I have access to professional development courses, faculty-led seminars, and educational resources that expands my level of expertise in the field of creative marketing, seo management, policy, government, and higher education. 

Has being an active member of BMAA helped prepare you for the interview process or role? If so, how?

Being an active member of BMAA helped prepare me with tangible resources to equip my resume for the job application process through resume workshops and provided me with the opportunity to articulate my core content coordination strengths alongside being part of the public relations team. In addition, I do believe BMAA provided the opportunity for me to seek mentorship in the terms of negotiating a solid job offer.

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