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Highlighted Black Marketers

Weekly Highlighted Talented Black Marketers

Obehi Remi-John

Obehi Remi John Headshot

I'm the CEO & Founder of Aurora Ẹ̀yà, a Brand Marketing firm created to equip business owners with practical brand & marketing knowledge they can implement themselves to unlock business growth. I'm an award-winning marketing expert with over a decade of experience managing multi-million-dollar brands like Lysol & Clearasil for Fortune 500 companies. I'm also a lover of Christ, all things sci-fi and a KICKASS mum of two who excels at getting clarity from chaos while building strategies that get results! Coming from a culture entrenched in entrepreneurship, I've seen first-hand how much business owners struggle to identify the right actions that drive growth. That's why I created the F500 Marketing program; a 6-week intensive that provides step-by-step direction through coaching & digital toolkits to help business owners transform their marketing and accelerate their brand growth.