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Federal Reserve Bank Partners with BMAA

We are so excited for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to be a partner with BMAA. With this new partnership, you will have the ability to enjoy their first event with BMAA as well as see what opportunities they have available for our members to join their amazing organization!


Read below to find out more about the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago as we have asked them key questions to give you some insight on the organization. Make sure you are connecting with us and send in any comments you may have. Don’t forget to attend their Kickback Event, May 11th at 6 p.m. *Members ONLY*


  1. Tell us about your organization and what you all do?

The Chicago Fed is part of the Federal Reserve System—the United States’ central bank—we contribute to the creation of national monetary policy, supervise and regulate banking organizations, and provide financial services to banks and other financial institutions. We are committed to fostering economic opportunity by advancing a healthy, inclusive economy and promoting a trusted financial system.

Marketing is a critical function of the Product and Relations Management Group that supports Federal Reserve Financial Services (FRFS). This includes:

  • Marketing communication programs
  • Lead generation programs
  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing research
  • Market intelligence
  1. What are the core values of the organization?
  • Integrity: We are honest, fair, courageous, and independent in our work.
  • Respect: We value diverse people and perspectives, empowering each other to advance our mission.
  • Responsibility: We work to honor our commitments and hold ourselves accountable.
  • Excellence: We strive in our work to deliver the best results for the public we serve.
  1. What does a typical day as a Marketing employee look like at your organization?

Given the variety of marketing roles at the Chicago Fed, a typical day will differ from one employee to another. They might be writing, designing, creating, brainstorming, analyzing, and strategizing independently, or with their colleagues. Our teams are very collaborative and work across functions to execute our work. Many will likely have touchpoints with their stakeholders from different parts of the Federal Reserve System to provide an update on current marketing projects, or to present the results or insights from completed works. And all will be focused on meeting marketing plan objectives, measuring our marketing programs, all while placing our customers – U.S. financial institutions – at the center of our efforts.


  1. How would you describe the work environment?

There’s much collaboration and a strong work ethic. We recognize the criticality of effective teamwork and communications across teams. We invest in talent, training and development to remain industry experts, and to provide excellent service and products.

  1. What can an employee look forward to while working for your organization?

Employees can expect caring. We consider the well-being of our colleagues and customers. Employees can also expect inclusiveness. We recognize the power of diverse teams, learning styles, abilities and world views, knowing that it will challenge our thinking and encourage us to produce better results.

  1. What are 3 things you would tell someone applying to work for your organization?

    -  All your marketing skills will apply, especially any of the B2B experience you’ve gained.
    -  Strive to be innovative and agile – there are opportunities to try new things to improve products and services.
    -  Strong inclusive collaboration is what you can expect when you join our team.

BMAA strives to partner with companies that encourages their DE&I efforts through their business. The Federal Reserve bank of Chicago does just that with their inclusivity, collaboration and innovation desires for their employees. Be on the lookout for job opportunities posted on our job board page and become a member today so that you can find out more about the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and their marketing endeavors and opportunities!