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3 Reasons why hiring Black Marketing Talent Helps your Business

We could start and end this blog post with, simply because we are needed but then that would make us biased so, here we go!

Creativity: It is a known fact that the black culture cultivates world-wide trends. From fashion, style, hair, and dances, we have unconsciously created a standard of authenticity that sets up for bandwagon responses. Black talent helps your business by pushing the limits of marketing strategy through creativity. We draw outside the lines and unknowingly create magic out of honesty and personality which creates brand presence that stands out.  In business, the marketing objective is to get people to buy into what you are selling. If advertising is a part of the strategy, think about the 5 latest trends and who started them. Despite contrary belief we understand market value and more importantly how a consumer perceives a product. According to an article written by Mckinsey released August 6th of this year, in 2019 the black household consumer expenditures totaled approximately $835 billion dollars. The combined spending by all Black households has increased by 5 percent over the last 2 decades. So, we must ask ourselves, why wouldn’t I hire black talent, if they are essentially the number one consumer?

Worldview: Hiring black talent will help your organization's worldview by better decision making and faster problem solving. Organizations fail to realize that most black talent are/or self-taught workers. We see, we hear, we feel, we understand at various levels because EXPERIENCE has been the teacher. Black talents' worldview in a biased opinion is more aware than our counterparts would like to acknowledge. There is an understanding from a CEO point of view, a business booming with no degree and a right to get the position because of the grind it takes just to get an interview. Hiring Black talent for their worldview is important to your business because for every product there is a story to be told and as black culture would say it, we always have a story!

Organizations Business Plan: Let’s be honest. Organizations need diversity to help their business plan. It is something that investors look at, potential employees look at and employee what engagement stands on. Does your company have DE&I initiatives and how are they putting black talents talent to the forefront of business success? Unfortunately, black talent is needed to keep the diversity initiatives in line. The sad part is that it only takes one or two people to make an organization diverse.

Every business can benefit from black marketing talent through creativity, worldview, and organizational business plan all they need is a chance to be seen/heard. Skill can always be taught but experience, raw talent and job personality fit is unmatched.

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